About me

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I self-published my first book aged about five. Raised with an Asian work ethic and the UK’s DIY punk ethic of the early 80s, I designed a front cover and sold handwritten, stapled copies to visiting relatives. In later years I learned to better monetise my passions for creating imaginary worlds and commercial business ventures.
I believe most people have a few secret lives. Some of mine include: a hostess of theatrical wonderland soirees, a designer of luxurious lingerie which bestowed magical powers upon the wearer and a brand strategist for numerous companies – global and boutique.
The common thread underpinning all of these guises is that I love storytelling and the way words and ideas weave together to manifest curiously beautiful things.
And I do so love curious beauty, people and things.
I grew up in leafy Surrey, England, shaped my youth in London’s Camden and Shoreditch, before running off to Shanghai and marrying a lovely Swedish boy. I now live with the boy and our sweet babes between the crisp Nordic forest lands and the glittering London tea rooms I will always hold dear.
This site is where I post a selection of my writing, some previously published elsewhere, some not. If you have time and inclination, I’d welcome your thoughts.
And just to clarify – I write for both adults and children. I love fairy tales, folklore and ancient myths, which influence my writing. But when a tale is specifically for kids, this will be pointed out in the sub-heading.
Thanks very much for getting down this far. You are the best.
I hope you enjoy reading on.
joon head
If you like what you read, please connect with me below or send me a message

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