About me

I am a British writer for adults and children, a brand shaper and a lover of curious things.
This site focuses on my writing. (My clothing brand can be found at: Ma Mignonnette)
I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I self-published my first book aged about five. Raised with an Asian work ethic and the UK’s DIY punk spirit of the mid 80s, I designed a front cover and sold handwritten, stapled copies to visiting relatives. In later years I learned to better monetise my passions for creating imaginary worlds and commercial business ventures.
I believe most people have a few secret lives. Some of mine include: a hostess of theatrical wonderland soirees, a brand builder for many world-loved brands, and a designer of dream dresses that unleash magical powers within the wearer…
The common thread underpinning all of these guises is that I love storytelling and the way words and ideas weave together to manifest curiously beautiful things.
What is curious beauty?
I believe it is where opposites collide to create something strangely exquisite. This includes some of my favourite obsessions: costume history and counter culture fashion, ballet and underground performance art, classical music and dirty rock, Victorian primness and playfulness, the innocent and beguiling, the savage and sublime, the poetic and macabre, the light of love and darkness of magic – or perhaps these last two are one and the same… You will find all of the above at the heart of my work. This is who I am.
What more? I grew up in leafy Surrey, England, shaped my youth in London’s Camden and Shoreditch, before running off to Shanghai and marrying a lovely Swedish boy. I now live with the boy and our sweet babes between the crisp Nordic forest lands and the glittering London tea rooms I will always hold dear.
For those who care to know: I studied English Lit at Goldsmiths, University of London, Creative Writing at City, University of London, writing fiction with Curtis Brown Creative, and fashion branding at London College of Fashion. I am also a member of SCBWI.
Thanks very much for getting down this far. You are the best.
I hope you enjoy reading on.
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