Beautiful World Makers… with Leadership Coach Subin Hong

“I went from serving the richest people in the world to the poorest, those who apparently “had nothing” and yet they had everything – resilience, hope, love. Things that led me to question what it means to be human, what is humanity actually about.” – Subin Hong

Happy to share the first episode in my new Beautiful World Makers podcast for Beautiful World Collective.

I’m delighted to kick this off with my guest Leadership Coach Subin Hong. She coaches a wide range of clients from global brand leaders to renowned musicians composing their next symphony.

We discuss:

– Third Culture Kids and how to use “not belonging” as your superpower

– how to find and use your higher purpose

– how your curiosity leads to opening up your intuition and network of intelligence

Learn more about Subin Hong

Watch or listen below.

Podcast Audio

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Discover more about Subin Hong


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