Mignonnette Talks… with Transformational Wellbeing Therapist Amy Appleby

“Wherever you go in the world, human beings are searching for spiritual connection. The witch doctor or the monk… they look very different, but both embody the idea that there is more to us than just what you see.” – Amy Appleby

Happy to share this week’s video podcast for Mignonnette Talks where I explore conscious style and the art of transformation.

In this episode, I caught up with wellbeing therapist Amy Appleby.

Founder of Happy Healthy Holistic – an onsite and online wellbeing and complementary therapy service, Amy woks with high level leaders and clients in every continent, in venues as diverse as Kensington Palace to Holloway Prison. As part of her wide training including an MA in International Development, she’s also danced with witch doctors in Africa and meditated with Tibetan monks. However, out of all her practices, there is one simple technique that she believes has the power to transform us…

We discuss:

– the things that unite human beings – no matter what walk of life you come from

– following your purpose and getting better at using your intuition

– some simple practices that we can all instil in our daily lives that will help us achieve whatever it is we set our sights on.

Do get your cup of coffee and either watch or listen below. 

Listen to the Audio Podcast

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