Mignonnette Talks… with performance artist Vicky Butterfly

“It’s very hard to feel negative about your body if you feel you’re just a part of the world – and you don’t try to take up any less space.” Vicky Butterfly

I’m delighted to share my 2nd Mignonnette Talks video podcast exploring conscious style and the art of transformation.

This week, I caught up with acclaimed performance artist and costume designer Vicky Butterfly.

Vicky has performed for countless shows worldwide, ranging from Roberto Cavalli and Maserati, Kensington Palace and the Royal Academy of Arts, to musicians such as Paul Weller and Fleetwood Mac.

Whether she’s emerging as a swan from a giant Faberge egg, or dancing en pointe in a cloud of butterflies, she seamlessly manages to blend the ethereal with the provocative. So I believe she is well placed to teach us a thing or two about the art of transformation.

We discuss:

– her inspirations and design process for making costumes and creating her shows 

– her love of vintage, though the fact that as the previous generation have already worn many of these treasured pieces, we are now needing to make clothes again so let’s choose well

– the idea that as get older we become less ethereal and more substantial – in the best way (and incredible advice for feeling comfortable in your own body)

We could go on. There were many wonderful gems in this Talk, but I think you should just watch or listen to it below.

Listen to the podcast instead

Discover more about Vicky Butterfly

Photo courtesy of Maria S Varela

Learn about Mignonnette London


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